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Mark Powell and Lariat

Mark Powell and Lariat tapped Mighty Pen Creative to give them a new web presence for their band. Go check out We used a series of big images from their shows to give the viewer a feel for the great shows that Mark and the band put on. They play with Texas music legends like Gary P. Nunn, Roger Creager, Joe Ely, Tommy Alverson. This year at the annual Outlaws and Legends Festival the boys will join country music superstar Merle Haggard!

Congratulations to Mark Powell and Lariat for their Western Artists Song of the Year win for Dublin Dr. Pepper!


Breaking Southwest Bolstering Web Presence

Breaking SouthwestMighty Pen Creative and Breaking Southwest are teaming up again. We’ve had a couple projects under our hat and this is one that I cannot wait to let out. Breaking Southwest is getting ready to really blow up. If you aren’t a fan yet, get over to their facebook page and get to know them.

Southwestern Girl and Exits and On Ramps are our personal favorites. Listen. Enjoy. Then in a few days check out their brand new, totally awesome website. Get excited.