Mark Powell and Lariat

Mark Powell and Lariat tapped Mighty Pen Creative to give them a new web presence for their band. Go check out We used a series of big images from their shows to give the viewer a feel for the great shows that Mark and the band put on. They play with Texas music legends like Gary P. Nunn, Roger Creager, Joe Ely, Tommy Alverson. This year at the annual Outlaws and Legends Festival the boys will join country music superstar Merle Haggard!

Congratulations to Mark Powell and Lariat for their Western Artists Song of the Year win for Dublin Dr. Pepper!


Mighty Pen Creative Partners with MasterScapes

MasterScapes is one of the largest and most well known landscape design and maintenance companies in Abilene. They are expanding into Sweetwater and enlisted Mighty Pen to help them make that transition. MasterScapes has done some incredibly beautiful¬† work on homes and businesses. Take a look at the photo gallery on their website It’s hard to believe these places are in Texas, it’s almost impossible to believe they’re in West Texas. They can create an oasis in your backyard. We are very excited to be partnering with them as they beautify the Big Country.


Mighty Pen Creative revamps

Singer/Songwriter TJ McCloud just released his latest album, The Perfect Crime, and needed to update his website to coincide with the release. Mighty Pen was glad to take on this project, and turned it around quickly to be able to go live in time to promote the new cd. It’s good by the way, go pick it up on itunes or You can listen to some of the new tracks on the website


Mighty Pen and My Sister’s House Sale

Mighty Pen just helped launch the redesigned My Sister’s House is a unique consignment event in Abilene for women. From clothes to jewelry to home decor, there are lots of great finds at every sale. It’s a good chance to find some things for your closet or house, or get rid of some things from your closet or house. My Sister’s House Sale also gives back to some great causes. Go check out the site.


Breaking Southwest Bolstering Web Presence

Breaking SouthwestMighty Pen Creative and Breaking Southwest are teaming up again. We’ve had a couple projects under our hat and this is one that I cannot wait to let out. Breaking Southwest is getting ready to really blow up. If you aren’t a fan yet, get over to their facebook page and get to know them.

Southwestern Girl and Exits and On Ramps are our personal favorites. Listen. Enjoy. Then in a few days check out their brand new, totally awesome website. Get excited.

Nashville City Councilman - Josh Stites
Nashville City Councilman - Josh Stites

Mighty Pen throws its hat into the Nashville City Council Race

Mighty Pen Creative is partnering with Josh Stites for Metro Council of Davidson County to create compelling direct mail pieces for his campaign. Josh is dedicated to working to save the Tennessee State Fairgrounds, and making Nashville an attractive place for businesses, tourists and residents. Early Voting has already started for all you Nashville people. Get out and vote!


Mighty Pen and Mobe Fabrication

Mighty Pen Creative is teaming up with Mobe Fabrication to launch an online presence. Mobe Fabrication builds custom organizational tools for first responders. Being firemen themselves, they understand the importance of life-saving tools being ready and right where they should be. At the scene of an accident, seconds count. These organizational tools are built from a high density plastic and are completely customized to their customers needs. For more information go to, well not yet, but soon.

healthquest is live

Health Quest, a home health agency, now has a web presence. It was a joy to work with these folks. I highly recommend Shirley and the gang over at Health Quest. Shirley, an RN and a cancer survivor herself, has a special insight into taking care of patients, because she’s been one. She’s used that experience to instill in her team of caregivers a compassion that’s unmatched. If you have a loved one that requires home health, check out

Mighty Pen Creative can help you create or update your web presence. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to click contact in the menu and shoot us an email.

Healthquest of Texas nears completion

healthquest-blog-featured-imageThe Healthquest of Texas website is now in the proofing stages, almost ready to go live. Healthquest of Texas is a home health agency serving North Texas. It was founded by Shirley Ferina, a registered nurse and a cancer survivor. Shirley has special insight into what it’s like to be a patient, and instills a compassionate and caring nature into her employees.

“My philosophy is to provide clients with quality care in the privacy and comfort of their home. Our goal is to provide a treatment plan to help control disease and help patients reach their optimal level of health. We provide teaching to clients and family members to achieve the best possible quality of life. Quality time equals quality care that can only come from the heart and professional care of our staff. Patients are to be treated with the utmost dignity while receiving services under our care.” – Shirley Ferina

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